With Sketchfab, Alban Denoyel has become a world leader in 3D rendering

I always knew in my heart that the only job that could truly satisfy me would be the job I would create for myself. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset Alban Denwell was captivated when he left his position as a right-wing administrative man at Polka Magazine. After graduating from Essec University with a passion for sculpting, he worked in clay and molding…and naturally discovered the 3D dimensions that were meant to forge his own destiny.

One thing leads to another, from coffee shop to coffee shop in his circle of close friends, met Cedric Benson, ” 3D man and Pierre Antoine Bassett (web developer). Together, they begin the adventure. In 2012, in an emerging 3D ecosystem, beginnings were rough and funding fell short of their expectations, forcing the trio to abandon the idea of ​​a consumer platform. To refocus on a more professional view as we charge for tools and content “.

Courtesy of Facebook, Microsoft and Adobe

The startup may open an office in New York, but it’s The limits of the terrible idea of ​​running out of money in 2017 “.But thanks to the 3D player they designed, luck smiled at them.” We’ve built compatible partnerships with Facebook, Microsoft, and Adobe, and it’s natively integrated into Photoshop. This generated a lot of momentum. I thought I should try to take advantage of that and raise the A series It tells about the co-founder of Sketchfab born in 1984.

Then virtual reality (VR) arrives, which is synonymous with Sketchfab’s potential growth. Once again, with disappointments because ” Part of the insight I’ve provided is that with the arrival of 3D capture on our smartphones, 3D creation was about to explode — and with VR hitting the market, 3D consumption would be on the verge of mainstreaming. But soon after Series A, it became clear that virtual reality would take a few years to become mainstream, as was 3D capture, and that our “big YouTube vision” for a major platform was probably 10 years later than it was 12 months ago. “.

earning income…

Raising big bucks to spend the next 10 years without income, or making money from tools and content? Startup chooses the second option. ” We will move on to implement Vimeo until the market is mature and ready to use Youtube Alban Dinwell remembers. Who then hesitates to launch a B series before monetizing,” Because if the first monetization results are bad, we will be stuck without being able to increase and without any leads “.Nothing is going as planned for the startup that was looking for 15 to 20 million.” We had over 100 numbers… It was brutal “. Thus, direct monetization, without going through Series B.” Looking back, I think that was actually a good thing. If we were to take money out of our mainstream view of the consumer, we would delay monetization even more. Alban Dinwell admits.

… and B2B

While Sketchfab was initially launched to help 3D content creators share their work, the startup sees companies using its e-commerce platform, private sharing, and plugins…” It was clear that there was great potential among the companies “.There is also great potential to connect Sketchfab 3D content to the worlds of games, cinema, and a virtual reality experience.” We had the potential to be a more central platform in the 3D ecosystem: not just where everyone publishes 3D content, but also where everyone finds it. »

And Sketchfab is flying away with the metaverse!

After launching its marketplace (the first and only 3D marketplace where you can watch content in VR and AR before you buy it) and its download API, Sketchfab sees the arrival of the metaverse and 3D popularization on smartphones as a real boon. ” With the promise of the metaverse, the demand for 3D content is increasing because the metaverse cannot exist without 3D content. All tech giants are investing billions to build the metaverse and Sketchfab is the global leader in content with over 4 million references It’s no coincidence that it’s a partner for products like Nvidia Mozilla’s Omniverse or Adobe’s Substance.

On the other hand, content creation has become pervasive among people: an opportunity to pioneer 3D Sharing that already has 8 million users and hosts many manufacturers, such as museums, artists, brands and now, individuals who are betting on their development running. ” This rapid growth in 3D creation and consumption makes it crucial to have a central location to host, manage, publish, and share 3D content. Alban Denwell insists he wants to cement his position as a world leader.

Epic Games

And he has reason to hope! Last summer, Epic Games acquired the startup: a strategic acquisition. the win » Which opens many possibilities for Sketchfab. ” In this fast-paced market, we want to make sure that we stay ahead and that the acquisition by Epic Games gives us more resources to maintain our leadership. We want to make sure that those who create 3D content will host it with us, and that those who need it will source it from us. We’ll do better on a larger scale He wants to believe Alban Denoyel who, thanks to Epic Games, can offer more free content and thus attract more consumers. And take advantage of the resources of the gaming giant that just raised $2 billion.

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