Withdrawing from the field, Gillian Galan launched her own brand of beverage: ‘I Miss Rugby’

Gillian Gallan, France’s triple champion with Toulouse, had to put his career on hold at the age of 29 and quickly find a post-career project. (© DR)

We left him last July, having to end his career prematurely, at just 29 years old, with a club LionsDue to a stubborn foot injury that required him to undergo surgery for obstructed popliteal artery syndrome. A very common injury in cyclists, but very rare in other sports. He reveals, “I was the first professional rugby player to do this process.”

The previous third line Gillian Galan (30), France’s triple champion with Toulouse (2011, 2012 and 2019), had to ditch professional rugby and find a retraining project ASAP. Successful challenge since birth Montauban, who trained in USM, is now a young entrepreneur in the pipeline who just launched his brand Nooto, a functional beverage inspired by Asian medicine and culture, including this sweet baby boy (1.93m; 130kg) who is a huge fan. “It’s a product we recommend as a treatment for Boost your immune system »Determine before proceeding:

It is a drink that prevents the body from expending a lot of energy to defend itself, but it is not a direct stimulant like Red Bull, which contains a lot of sugars. It contains ginseng, astragalus, echinacea and hemp and contains 75% of the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

Gillian GalanEx-Third Line Professional and Co-Founder of the Nooto Brand

A drink marketed in bars, restaurants and gyms

It’s a new venture by Gillian Galan since her brand Noto Officially launched on Tuesday 24 May, with its Colomiers partners, Sullivan Rambo And the Typod Markwire. His company headquarters is located in Pollock, 25 kilometers north of Toulouse, but the beverage is produced in small quantities near Nantes. “It is an innovative project because it is the only one 100% natural drink It boosts the immune system,” insists the former Stade Toulousain and LOU player. “It’s only made from plants and the sugar comes straight from the fruit. The young entrepreneur insists, “We just wanted to make a drink that makes you feel good and the good thing you can share with friends, but it’s not medicine.”

Events have already begun to advertise the brand and product, particularly in Biarritz where Gillian has been this week. Boxes will be distributed soon Bars and restaurants, “Because except alcohol and super-sweetened sodas, there’s nothing else, and suddenly, we’re going to be introducing unsweetened soda,” Gallan justifies. The Nooto product will also be featured in gyms From this summer, and from September, in e-commerce site For Haut-Garonnais. Nooto aims to develop 6 ranges of drinks Over the next three years, including a group dedicated to women.

“It will be our society that will write the future of the company.”

The startup Nooto also wants to be innovative in metaverse and Web 3.0 thanks to a set of NFTs. The name NFT is an acronym for English “non-replaceable token”, or in French “non-replaceable token”. In the early summer of 2022, Nooto will introduce a batch of 9999 NFT Nootbots on the Solana blockchain to the market. Every notebook is unique. “More than 145 traits are assigned, such as hair, clothes, eyes, etc., which makes some rarer than others,” Galan says.

Nootbots will offer their owners unique benefits such as intellectual property rights or the ability to participate in the management of the startup. People who buy NFTs will have the ability to create the entire brand and future labels of our drinks. We will also donate a percentage of the profits to an association selected by our community. It will really be our community that will write the future of the company. »

The hardcore Gillian Galan has always been a feared wall breaker in all professional lawns.
The hardcore Gillian Galan has always been a feared wall breaker in all professional lawns. (© Icon Sport)

“I wish I had one last match to say goodbye”

A very demanding professional project for the former professional rugby player, which allows him to clear his mind and move on, despite his injury that still severely hinders him. ” I’m always handicapped. I still can’t feel my left foot and I mostly I lost the ability to move in my toes. I would like to find it one day, because it is very annoying, but no one is sure of anything and there is also the possibility that it will never come back … ”, explains Gillian Galan.

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Even if he doesn’t feel any pain in the strict sense of the word, since he no longer has “any feeling in his foot”, the former U20 international (4 picks) is going through tough times. “I often have eager, eager She is awful. It’s a bit like phantom limb syndrome, because this is an irritation in a place where I don’t feel it, and so I scratch myself in the void…”

Mentally, Gillian Galan shows great strength of character to stay on track and keep going:

I have a lot of projects, so it allows me to focus on something else. Life is like this, you have to keep moving forward and be positive. It’s annoying, because I wanted to have one last match to say goodbye and really turn the page on professional rugby, but I could never get back on the field. It has been a long time since I played rugby and I miss it, because I really love this sport. This is life. I knew my career wasn’t supposed to last forever, but it didn’t last as long as expected, and it had to.

Gillian GalanEx-Third Line Professional and Co-Founder of the Nooto Brand

This highly crippling injury closed the doors of his retraining project in a sector completely different from the beverage sector: cheese factory. Although he pursued professional training in this field, in Fronton (Haute-Garonne), he was not able to realize his dream: “At first, I wanted to open a dairy with cheese, but I had to get training to become a cheese maker. This was very complicated, because I had to stand all the time and walk all day. I couldn’t do it. For one day, it’s OK, but the next day, I quickly had a tendinitis and had to stop … “In the end, everything It’s okay as the previous hole wall for her top 14 finally came to an end and she’s now enjoying her post career, which is the main thing.

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