WITHINGS acquires 8fit, fitness and health app

Withings, a French company, designs, develops and markets connected objects for the well-being and health of its users. To provide them with a more personalized follow-up and expand its service offerings, it just announced its acquisition of German startup 8fit after reporting to Impeto Medical on January 11th. With this latest acquisition, the company hopes to reach a younger audience that will provide support for healthy living and prevention of health problems.

Withings was founded in 2008 by Eric Carreel and Cedric Hutchings. After being sold in 2016 to NOKIA, Eric Carreel bought it in 2018 and surrounded himself with engineers, data science experts, and health professionals. In 2009, it marketed the first Internet-connected Wi-Fi bathroom scale that records measurements of weight, body fat, and BMI. Then it diversified and produced things related to the field of health: blood pressure monitors, sleep monitoring sensors to measure apnea, watches … Currently, its main products are Withings Body Cardio, a scale that calculates the age of blood vessels, heart rate, body composition analysis and watch Scanwatch.
Withings was part of the Stop Covid project team in 2020. The Scanwatch is very useful during this pandemic as it allows patients to measure the oxygen saturation level in the blood of patients at home. It can also detect sleep apnea, display an electrocardiogram, measure the number of steps, cycling, swimming, heart rate…

The company plans to offer personalized monitoring to users of its products. For this purpose, it will invest 30 million euros over 3 years, the acquisition of 8fit is part of that investment, but Withings has not announced the amount of the purchase. 8fit is a fitness and health app that offers gym sessions, customized menus and health tips to its users. Created in 2008 in Berlin, it is now one of the world leaders in its field and has 40 million users. Eric Carrell, President of Withings says:

“The past few years have only underscored a growing need within society: (re)take control of one’s health in a proactive and sustainable manner. Monitoring your health with reliable health data is clearly essential, but we must move forward to continue supporting our users towards a virtuous lifestyle in the long term. We now believe it is imperative to accelerate our entry into the “product-service-data” era of the trio; to deliver a high-quality service that needs data and for that, a product to generate. Health Data To complete this support we need to add our expertise services and tips that are easy to adopt, that are specifically designed for our users and that allow them to stay motivated on a daily basis, to be in good shape for their whole life or even to prevent health problems.

personal program

The 8fit team offers a progressive fitness program as an annual subscription (59€). It includes Interval Training, Boxing, Pilates, Yoga and Meditation classes, and personal recipes and advice. Withings will be able to integrate this software into its products and, if necessary, users can communicate with health professionals. Lisette Fabian, CEO of 8fit, concludes:

“From the services we provide to our values, it is clear that Withings and 8fit are compatible to help users achieve their health goals. We are excited to combine Withings expertise in connected health devices, which collect accurate, high-quality data, with fitness and nutrition plans. Together, we will provide our users with an offer more comprehensive health services to help them lead healthier and happier lives.”

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