Women Decision Makers 2022: Transition Award goes to Isabel Hoult (Emilion Business School)

On the occasion of the Women’s Decision Makers’ Night 2022 at H7 in Lyon, Isabel Hoult received the Transitional Trophy on Tuesday 31 May from the hand of Fabien Pagno (Lyon Park Auto). The Emlyon Business School Chair immediately highlighted Emlyon Business School: “It is an honor for my school, and I thank you for honoring an educational institution. All it takes is a crisis for women’s rights to retreat or disappear,” said Simone de Beauvoir.

A way to emphasize through his reaction on the podium that the fight never ended in this area: “It is important to bring back work to the job to allow women to stop censoring themselves, negotiate their salaries, and have similar paths to those of men. We have very committed women’s groups in the school, and we renamed one of our stands Julie-Victoire Daubié, after France’s first baccalaureate “.

His first reaction to the video

Pictured: Isabel Hoult, Equal

Isabel Hoult has never been a victim of sexist statements, nor has her career been derailed by some macho attitude. However, she is a passionate advocate of gender equality.

Inside the Emilion Campus, the grand amphitheater bears the name of Julie Victoire Dube, a woman who promoted women’s access to education. The journey inspired Isabel Hoult, Chair of the Board of Directors of Lyon Business School.

“This kind of path should inspire our female students as well. We often talk about a role model, but it should not be taken from a model angle, because I don’t think there is a female management versus a male managerial. We should instead, prove that we can chart paths professional as a female leader. Showing that this is possible is a virtuous approach in the sense that it allows them to project themselves.”describes Isabel Hoult.

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The only daughter, who graduated in 1990 from the school she runs today, was raised on the values ​​of equality and respect. “My wife, too, shares these values. In the family, in the spouses, this is important because many obstacles appear in the personal sphere, while the business world has been able to gradually open up to this problem.”

Leader refers in particular to the Copé-Zimmermann law which requires equitable representation between men and women on boards of directors and supervisory boards.

“Hybrid” cycle

“In addition, other sorority networks and associations are places and structures for participation, listening and support, and I am particularly thinking of the International Women’s Forum, of which I am a member.”

and Isabelle Hoult to make clear that no specific fact in her life sparked her desire to promote gender equality: “These values ​​have been in me since forever. It is a battle, not in the sense of war, but it motivates me on a personal level. I have always considered the role of women to be equal to that of men.” . “

The Associate Professor of Management Sciences, who has advanced in an academic and university environment, has never been hampered in her career by a harmful environment towards her. “I’d rather have experienced some patriarchal but always benevolent attitudes.”

Moreover, this is exactly “This whole profession, this mixed journey” And it was this in-depth knowledge of the academic world, whether by professors – researchers or students, which, according to her, gave her the skills to lead today’s emlyon.

Julian Tibert

his company

Isabel Hoult, CEO and Managing Director of Emlyon Corporation. Lyon Business School welcomes 8,900 students on seven campuses around the world and 170 international professors and researchers.

His advice to get started

to imagine. Because it is important to be able to project yourself in jobs as leaders, especially for women.

key to management

I am convinced that the success of any organization is always the result of teamwork. So I am particularly proud to have put together excellent teams – effective of course – but I am also committed to an ambitious joint venture with a strong CSR dimension for Emlyon.

Ritual of driving it

Sports for me is a way to maintain a balance between an active professional and personal life. Fitness is indeed an important component of management careers and exercising every weekend allows me to “release the stress” (biking, jogging, fitness, downhill skiing, or winter hiking).

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