“You have to remember the first experience in qualifying.”

After 3 seasons, Tours Métropole Basket decided not to retain Vincent Pourchot. Uncomplicated, Messin evokes Canonniers season, FC Metz, his new bad reputation with TikTok and leaves the door open for the rest of his career.

Vincent, you have chosen to leave Tours after 3 years of good and loyal service. Tell us how you made that decision.
It was Tours who made the decision not to keep me. That’s the number one reason I said if the club stays in N1, I’d like to stay. I was fine there. Unfortunately they made the decision not to keep me… I preferred to take my things and go back to my family for a while, during the summer period.

This latest season in Tours is a bit disappointing. We have read that you are the most powerful man down in history.
Yes, with 14 wins overall you’re in the first 7 or 8…but it shows how smooth the Pro B championship is. We weren’t necessarily lucky on the last day but the maintenance doesn’t just happen then.

While we’re talking about Pro B, a quick word on SLUC Nancy, the team I played for. Finding the JEEP Elite is great for Basket Lorrain.
naturally. It’s a good thing, it’s a great club. We must not forget that we played the Europa League a few years ago when I was there. There were very big names in French basketball in that team. It is good that they find their place in the elite.

“After a very complicated season, it may be better to start from scratch when you take the position of the Metz Club”

Speaking of Basket Lauren, we recently saw that you follow the Canonniers, a team close to your heart. We imagine you’re still disappointed with them even if the move is a bit high against another historical, Hyeres Toulon (The Metz Canonniers couldn’t get their ticket to National 1).
I’m disappointed for them because it was great basketball in the first game. But… I don’t think the move was that high. When you win by 20 points at home, in the first inning, there was something to be done. I followed their season for a bit. There have been fluctuations, and they weren’t necessarily very regular which is a shame. However, I think we should remember the first qualifying experience for Metz and I know that was the goal. So it’s still good that they got there.

We know your love for Metz too and we have this bad formula sometimes: “It can be a blessing in disguise” when we talk about change within the club. Do you agree with this theory?
Compared to football, after a very complicated season, it might be better to start from scratch. The club has known the high level for years and years, so you’d better take the FC Metz mode.

It is important to send messages.

We’ll get back to you and the last time we talked, you haven’t yet made a “hack” in your videos or the national media… Tell us how you started and how you’ve grown so far at such requests.
I started on TikTok regarding confinement because I wasn’t doing much. At first the videos were not working and one day I got a click, I talked about 2m22. I posted my video, went to bed and the next day I see 200,000 notifications on my phone.

Among the characters I met on TV, some were most striking with their generosity and kindness.
I had the opportunity to meet many people such as Adriana Karembeu, Michel Cymes, Cauet, Laurent Ruquier or Léa Salamé. Media also: Brut, Kombini, M6, France 2 … I only had good proposals on projects.

Have you ever thought about using this newfound fame for reasons?
Unfortunately, I lost my dad 6 months ago. When I heard this news I talked about it with my mother. I contacted the Alzheimer’s Research Foundation and will soon become the sponsor of this association. We set up an online fundraising campaign and raised quite a bit of money. It has worked well and I am happy to work with them. It is important to convey messages.

“I’m waiting to see what can happen.”

To get back into basketball, you’re gearing up with Alexander Karolak. Stay fit with the Canonniers Team.
Yes, I have known Alex for years. It is necessary to maintain a certain rhythm of the figure. I’m glad I was able to create a little rhythm in life between bodybuilding, basketball and cryotherapy, thanks to the newfound fame I’ve gotten. The Cryotherapy Center is Canonniers Center, and I was contacted by Cryotera and Fitness Park some time ago to ask if I was interested in becoming a brand ambassador. I replied that I was when I go back to Metz. It turns out that my mother lives near Montaigne, and I have everything nearby. I have a wonderful little organization and it helps with work.

Do you already have leaders for next season?
Nothing at all at the moment. I have to see my clients by my side.

There is a club out there that wants your attention. Are you saying to yourself, “Why not? Or are you waiting to see what happens?
I’m waiting to see what could happen and at the same time why not. But it depends on what project Metz wants to present to me.

Interview by Arthur Carmer
Image credit: Julien Pruvost (archive photo)

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