Zyro: Website Builder & Online Store Free for 3 Months!

Currently, the promo code gives you free access to the platform for 3 months: test it now. You will make up your own opinion about this no-code “Drag & Drop” website builder, which is also appreciated for its easy-to-use tools and 24/7 support service.

Creating a website has never been easier

Less well known than some of the prominent market leaders, Zyro’s website builder and online store has it all. This CMS can be used to build a display site, animate a blog, or even create an e-commerce site…all without having to write code or plan any real graphic work. Here, the whole construction depends on Drag and drop system :

  • No need to type any code, just tap the items to select them, then drag them to the desired area.
  • Edit and design content in just a few clicks, with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Many designed images and themes are available and customizable. Zyro allows the creation of all kinds of websites: display sites, online selling sites, blogs, wallets, and much more! Whatever the desired format, changes in layout, typography and colors are done intuitively, without code and without a very technical process. With Zyro, beginners can simply create a website that is reliable, fast and elegant at the same time.

Boost your reputation with SEO and social networking

It is not enough to create a beautiful website to promote your business on the Internet. You know, competition can play tricks on you… and even outpace you in Google search results, for example. In order to climb to the top positions in Google on a very specific topic, you need to know a certain number of technical elements related to SEO, “search engine optimization”. If you don’t have the time to train in these skills (or have other priorities), count on Zyro to improve your site the easy way.

All sites created with Zyro are easily indexed on search engines, in particular thanks to the optimization of key tags (H1, title, meta description, etc.). Here again, everything can be modified without going through the HTML code box, and editing takes place in an interface accessible to everyone, with or without in-depth knowledge of the field. Your website developed with Zyro can be linked to many interesting marketing tools like Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Mailchimp or Facebook Messenger. Without complicating your life, you are offering yourself the luxury of a 360-degree digital connection, and that necessarily benefits your brand image!

Publish a fast and professional website with ease

The idea behind Zyro can be summed up quite easily: this solution is for all individuals as well as professionals (TPE, SME, associations, etc.) who need a site capable of loading quickly, enhancing a serious brand image, all without forgetting to take care of the user experience. Without a doubt, Zyro is the most practical and accessible tool for creating a website when you don’t know web development. Even better, the service includes support that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This support at your service is humane and real. In case of anxiety, don’t talk to a bot (a chatting bot), but to real people who are trying to intelligently solve your problems.

Use innovative tools to improve your strategy

The intuitive and fun website builder interface isn’t Zyro’s only argument. In fact, the platform also offers its own tools to simplify your life. A content creator, but also a logo and company name generator with artificial intelligence, not to mention the module that allows you to remove the background from the image … Zyro’s strengths are its ease of use, reasonable price, speed and 24/7 support … In addition, it contributes All of its features save you time in your daily tasks, without compromising the quality of the user experience on your site.

Want to test Zyro, one of the website builders often recommended for beginners? You can use the platform for free once you register. Only when publishing your website will you need a subscription.
Take advantage of 3 months free with the promo code “CNETFR” for any annual subscription, and benefit from an additional 10% discount. This registration also includes a free domain name for one year. Then your website costs you 4.41€ per month, your e-commerce website 5.31€ per month and your online store with advanced options 14.31€ per month. At the end of the free period, the formula prices go up to €9.90 per month for a website, €13.90 for an e-commerce site or €19.90 to €29.90 to access maximum premium features. All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Subscriptions are sold out regularly, and you’ll likely be able to sign up for a lower price!

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